Teuku Umar

Born in Meulaboh, West Aceh in 1854, Teuku Umar is one of Indonesia’s national heroes. Noted, the man who is believed to have a unique tactic against the invaders have been leading the guerrilla war in Aceh since 1873 until 1899. Teuku Umar itself a Minangkabau descent. His grandfather, Datuk Makdum Sati, known meritorious against the Sultan of Aceh.
Teuku Umar has a daredevil nature. He was also known to be intelligent and pang surrender, and have a hobby fight. When he was 19 years and was appointed as Power keuchik Meulaboh, Aceh war broke out. Teuku Umar then joined the fighters in the village until the Aceh Barat.
A year later Teuku Umar release the bachelor Nyak Sofiah, children Uleebalang Glumpang. And because they want to increase the degree, he then married again with a daughter named Commander Sagi XXV Mukim Nyak Malighai for which he received a degree Teuku and blessed with a daughter named Cut Xylophone were born in refugee camps. Not only that, in 1880 Teuku Umar re-married. This time with the daughter of his uncle, Ibrahim Lamnga widow named Teuku Cut Nyak Dien. Both then fought alongside attacked Dutch posts in Krueng.
Teuku Umar had made peace with the Dutch in 1883. However, one year later the war re-ignited in between. 9 years later, in 1893, Teuku Umar began to find a way to beat the Netherlands on the ‘inside’. He then pretended to be a stooge Netherlands. This action to make the Cut Nyak Dien was furious because confused and embarrassed.
For his services to subdue some defense post in Aceh, Teuku Umar won the trust Netherlands. He was then given the title of Johan Pahlawan and given the freedom to form their own forces numbered 250 heavily armed soldiers from the Netherlands. The Dutch do not know, if it was only a trick Teuku Umar alone who has collaborated with the fighters in Aceh before. Shortly thereafter, Teuku Umar even given again an additional 120 soldiers and

17 commanders including Pangleot as his right hand.
March 30, 1896, Teuku Umar came out of military service Netherlands. This is where he then launched an attack based on his war tactics and strategy. Joint forces are already equipped with 800 guns, 25,000 bullets, 500 kg of ammunition and money 18 thousand dollars, Teuku Umar who dibandu Teuku Muhammad Polem Commander David and 400 of his followers massacred Netherlands. Noted, there are 25 people were killed and 190 injured from the Netherlands.

Gubuernur Deykerhof as a substitute for the Governor Ban Teijn who has given credence to Teuku Umar had been hurt because it has betrayed Teuku Umar. He then ordered Van Heutsz joint forces to capture the magnitude of Teuku Umar. Sortie into Meulaboh area that is fatal Teuku Umar. He was shot and killed in battle, precisely in Kampung Mugo, on February 10, 1899.

More than 70 years later, the Indonesian government awarded Teuku Umar as a national hero through Presidential Decree No. 087 / TK / 1973 dated November 6, 1973. The name of this brave heroes also made the name of the street in major cities.


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